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Public annual report complaints parent committee 2010 KDV De Rakkers

The childcare law determines that parents have advisory rights regarding subjects that affect them and/or their children within the childcare organization. Starting April 1st, 2008 every childcare organization that falls within the Law Childcare is required to have a complaint procedure for parent committees. This procedure is being executed by the Complaint Department Parent Committee of the SKK.

Complaints in 2010

In 2010 there were no internal or external complaints received by KDV De Rakkers/Stevinrakkers or the parent committee’s Complaint Department.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Claudia Wiersma at 06-22887897 or derakkers@casema.nl

Internal complaint procedure

KDV De Rakkers has an internal complaint procedure. A parent committee can use this procedure when the parent committee has a discord or problem with KDV De Rakker’s policies. The complaint procedure states how the parent committee can submit a complaint and which steps will be taken to deal with this complaint.

• If the parent committee has a problem, firstly they can discuss this with the manager of the childcare center. It is possible it concerns a misunderstanding or the problem can be fixed easily.

• The owner will deal with the complaint and will try to solve this to satisfaction.

The parent committee will be informed on the existence of the internal complaint procedure. The parent committee will receive the procedure from the manager. This will state how parent committee complaints will be dealt with.

External complaint committee

When a complaint is not dealt with satisfactorily, the parent committee can use the external complaint procedure. The parent committee can submit their complaint to the Complaint Department Parent Committee Daycare, which deals with co-management complaints: parent committee complaints about the method in which the organization deals with the legally determined co-management of parents in the daycare. It depends on the nature of the complaint where parents can take their complaint.Sociale competentie omvat vaardigheden en kennis over hoe je met anderen omgaat, je weg vindt in een groep, samenwerkt, rekening houdt met anderen, conflicten voorkomt en oplost en ontwikkelen van sociale verantwoordelijkheid.

Complaint Department Daycare for the parent committee

Starting April 1st, 2008, the Law Daycare, article 60a, the procedure dealing with complaints between the owner and parent committee, went into effect. This deals with the treatment of complaints about subjects on which the parent committee has advisory rights. KDV de Rakkers has joined the Complaint Department Daycare as per …. The Complaint Department consists of three members, namely a president appointed by the SKK, a member appointed by the employers and a member appointed by BOINK.